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Photography, graphic design, tuition - there are many companies and individuals around that can offer these services so why use us?

Well for one, we are passionate about photography and Photoshop; which means that we put our heart and soul into every piece of work that we take on. Secondly we are good at listening and will absorb your requirements or tailor a package or course that is bespoke to you. Last but by no means least, we like to show a little bit of creative flair and trust that you find us both friendly and professional.

Our services are wide ranging. We love to teach and we love to design (classic or contemporary) and we will happily cover both personal photographic projects or larger commercial photographic assignments.

We happily cover many areas of photography from commercial products to architecture, portraiture to landscape and much more. Please do take a look at our gallery page and you might be surprised at our versatility. The art is knowing how to use your camera and associated gear and adapt it to each type of use!

We also love to share our knowledge and offer 1:1 Photoshop tuition whether it be for personal or business use. We are even happy to use part of the lesson to aid in any business projects that you would like to cover, so why not come along with a mock-up poster design and we will help you create your piece whilst learning at the same time.

Other services include slide scanning, photographic restoration, montage work, on-location shoots, logo creation, promotional leaflet and business card designs, and more..

Please do give us a call if you are interested in any of our services. We look forward to hearing from you.