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Sue Chapman

I confess to being a Photoshopaholic and no, it doesn't mean that I love shopping on-line or shopping for photos or any other sort of shopping, it means that I'm addicted to Photoshop and in conjunction with that, comes a love of photography naturally! In fact the photography really came first: As a child I was handed down the cast-off cameras from my Dad and I still fondly remember the Canon T70 which was my first "real" camera that got me hooked all those years ago!

However my working life didn’t start out that way. Mine were the days of O' and A’ levels and a choice of science or the arts, of which I chose the former. Photography as an O’ level didn’t exist then, (well to my knowledge and recollection anyway) and we weren’t allowed to mix the arts and sciences together (the timetables just wouldn’t fit)! So I ended up on the Science route and after a few different roles as a chemist and QC packaging manager and working my way up the career ladder, I eventually ended up as an International buyer.

Sue Chapman

Following a short career break and a young daughter in tow, I launched myself into the arts world and have never looked back. As SCArt I started watercolour painting, and before long a selection of my images were created into cards by a Kent agent. Photography followed soon after and another photographic range of cards within the well known ABC range by The Imaging Centre based In Tonbridge.

Since then (for around 15 years now) I have honed my skills as a photographer, developed my graphic design skills and to my great honour, pieces of my artwork now sit around the world from France and Germany to Australia. I was also delighted to have one of my photographs accepted in the Royal Photographic Society's "Portfolio Two" book in 2010.

I am passionate about design and imagery and enjoy working with clients to help them achieve their personal and business goals. If I can help you achieve greater success with photography and/or photoshop just give me a call or jot me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.


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"In the early days of my artistic career" - Commissioned by Brabourne school to paint a mural on the corridor leading down to the main hall. Completed with fellow artist Vi Sprawling along with the children and teachers. After several years of painting I re-directed into photography. I still do the odd watercolour or acrylic painting but photography has definitely taken over now.

Sue Chapman